Services offered at Hart & Mehaffey Consulting
  1. Fire Investigations
    Fire Investigations
    By use of a systematic approach, Hart & Mehaffey Consulting deliver origin and cause investigations that are grounded in the scientific method and are consistent with NFPA 921, 1033, and other Nationally recognized standards and guidelines.
  2. Case Review / Consultation
    Case Review / Consultation
    Review of fire scene examinations can be extremely complicated. Hart & Mehaffey Consulting provide expert analysis of fire and other investigations, so that decisions about fault/no fault, guilt/innocence, negligence, recklessness, or malice can be made.
  3. Expert Witness
    Expert Witness
    There is no more important service offered by HMC than that of "Expert Witness." Hart and Mehaffey have both testified in State and Federal court and have been accepted as expert witnesses by those same courts.
  4. Training
    Both Hart and Mehaffey have extensive experience instructing fire investigation courses to industry professionals, insurance adjustors, and other fire service and law enforcement personnel.
  5. Trial Preparation
    Trial Preparation
    HMC offers trial preparation services in the form of pre-trial witness interviews, needs assessment for exhibits, lines of questioning, depositions, and more.
  6. Evidence / Property Storage
    Evidence / Property Storage
    Evidence handling, storage, and security are integral components of the investigative and litigation process. HMC investigators are versed in the most up to date handling and storage methods; and HMC offers secure property storage for their clients.